Vocal Coaches

Harmony Sue Haynie has directed many diverse choirs and women's circles since 1991, currently including the Williams World Music Choir, now in its second season.   She has been a guest teacher for and member of the Rogue World Ensemble, a World Music choir, since she moved back to Oregon in 2009, and continues to be a choir director, vocal coach, performer, teacher, song-catcher, and song-writer.  One of the biggest joys of Harmony's life is sharing songs and singing with others. She has one CD entitled Opening to Ceremony, available at www.harmonysuehaynie.com.  

Windsong Diane Martin is a world-renowned singer-songwriter who has hosted music and women's gatherings on her and her partner Ohana's land, Good Medicine, since the early 90's.  She has been a performer for over 35 years and is a favorite at many West Coast music festivals. Windsong has many recordings of her original music, including Mother I Feel You, Carry Me,  and Soul Reflections (available on her website http://windsongmakani.com/wind.html). She currently hosts a weekly sacred singing circle at her home.


a retreat for women in 3 or more part harmony

Singing Our Hearts by Harmony Haynie

Cyrise Beatty Schachter has been teaching and performing music and dance for over 20 years. She was musical/creative director of Ashland's Rogue World Ensemble, and directed The Voices of the Applegate for a season.  Cyrise is currently a member of the local vocal trio, Wild Honey, and is the Musical/Ritual director at the Havurah Shir Hadash, and she teaches a Hip Hop dance class as well as private/group singing classes, and lives with her family, in Ashland.  She thrives on making space for the creative beauty in each being to be nurtured and expressed!

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